Jigsaw Puzzles for You App Reviews

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Do not install this app. They are going to steal your money.


Can’t even play for free it’s terrible don’t waste your time

Shame on you

Do not say it is free when it is not Are you ashamed from being honest


This ish be scamming just make the app paid fo

اللعبة بفلوس

ما تقدر تلعب الا اذا دخلت معلومات الدفع !


It was fun the best game on your phone




Reviews are correct! This is a scam. Make sure you check your credit card and dispute the charges. They charge without your consent.

Not Free

I saw an ad for this app on instagram and installed it. But I immediately uninstalled it when I realized it’s not free at all!! Ad is misleading. Not cool at all!

Como cancelar

Quiero cancelar esta compra x error lo instale noooo


Do not download this app! It takes money out of your account without your consent and will not let you cancel the subscription.


Pantalla no abre en su totalidad para colocar las piezas a la derecha y abajo b

اللعبة بفلوس !!

لما تحمل اللعبة تكون مجانية وبعد التحميل اول ماتضغط ستارت للعب يقولك ادخل الباسوورد لانها بفلوس .. نصابين للاسف 👎🏼👎🏼


How do you cancel subscription from the trial????


Be vigilant this is a full scam. Don’t pay

This is a total scam!

They took advantage of me it says to put your password to continue for the free app automatically done they say that they are charging me over $19 a month and that the only free thing is a month which starts the same day that they want you to pay the $19 something, please do not get this I am still trying to contact them no one will help me when you tap on the subscription to cancel it does not work!! I’m to old for this! I only wanted the free app but they took me for a fool now I cannot get out of paying they will automatically take it out of my iTunes account



Missing pieces

I love the puzzles but if you leave a piece on the board and then it gets covered up with pieces that fit in the same spot you can't find the left over piece.

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